Most Connected Traveler Contest: Enter To Win Prizes From Boingo and Scottevest!

Boingo and SCOTTEVEST are teaming up to search high and low for the “Most Connected Traveler!” Do you have more gadgets than you have pockets? Are you totally lost without a Wi-Fi connection? We want to hear from you! Big prizes from Boingo and Scottevest are up for grabs, so don’t wait – enter now! Whether you travel down the block or around the world, Boingo and SCOTTEVEST are committed to keeping travelers organized and connected without missing a beat. What are your tips and tricks? Contest runs from June 25th thru July 24rd.   How to win:   It’s simple! Write a Facebook wall post (be sure to tag TEC by SCOTTEVEST and Boingo’s Facebook pages) telling us why you’re the most connected traveler. Gadgets galore? Trips aplenty? Tell us more and you’ll be entered to win. Want to increase your chances? Get a BONUS entry by using hashtag #connectedtraveler in a tweet about your connected travel habits. Get TWO BONUS entries for posting a photo or video to Facebook or Twitter showcasing how you stay connected while traveling! Have a travel photo with an amazing backdrop? Great! Be sure to use the hashtag #connectedtraveler for Twitter, or post to either Boingo or SCOTTEVEST’S pages on Facebook and tag both SCOTTEVEST and Boingo in the post.   The prizes:   We will draw weekly winners, so stay tuned and check back frequently. Each week, we will give away one month of FREE Wi-Fi from Boingo and one SeV Travel Vest. The Grand Prize winner, drawn at the end of the contest, will receive ONE YEAR of Wi-Fi from... read more

Embracing Social Media

Social media has been core to our company from the beginning. When I say the beginning, I truly mean the beginning. I have been engaging in social media before it was called “social media” and before the word “blog” came into our nomenclature. Here’s a little history. SCOTTEVEST was the first clothing brand formed on the internet as a direct to consumer channel. Check out the earliest version of my website here. Since we were the first, we had to figure out how to reach out to these people that could potentially be interested in my brand. It was simple, reach out to where they are. They are on the internet. Before Facebook existed I did this through blogs, forums, boards, or anywhere people were talking about gadgets online. I would engage on all of these gadget boards with the intent of contacting as many people as possible. Having the ability to engage instantly with these gadgeteers turned a big light bulb on. It taught me to embrace this medium of talking directly to these people, which is now generally referred to as social media. Then came along Dave Ciccone with Mobility Today. I’ll never forget it, like it was yesterday. I was working out of my home when I received an email from him, which looked incredibly goofy. In my mind, I am thinking, “Has it really come to this? Am I really going to be engaging with anyone who asks for a sample or reaches out to me?” And I said yes to myself. I will do whatever it takes to get the word out, no matter... read more

Prologue…and so it begins

FU. Before you take offense….It stands for “Follow Up!” Anything worth saying, doing or typing is worth following up on. The key to a lot of my success at SCOTTEVEST has been embracing the importance of following up. It is part of our corporate culture. I have intended to write a book about this topic for some time now, but have just never gotten around to it. To ensure that I accomplish this goal of mine, I have decided to create this blog, which will house a series of articles that I write, that will one day be the basis of my book, “FU: In My Own Words. I invite you to come along with me on this ride. I will share past successes and failures, random thoughts, and insight into how I run my company and my personal life. And I truly want feedback as it relates to this process. Tell me your thoughts – positive and negative. I will read any and all responses. So without anymore delay, let’s start the conversation.... read more

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Scott Jordan

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