The CEO Freedom Experiment

My work life totally changed as of last Friday. This was not unexpected… in fact, in some ways, I’ve been preparing for this since the day I started my company SCOTTeVEST about 15 years ago. I am still the CEO, but with the help of my team, I dismantled and totally... read more

Highlights From This Week at SCOTTeVEST

Around the Office Building a Stronger Company: I am wired to like people, which can sometimes make me a poor judge of character. In the past, if you wanted to work for SCOTTEVEST from TEC and could talk in complete sentences, I used to simply hire you. I am learning... read more

Be the Squeaky Wheel and F.U.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?” While I usually take a counterpoint on conventional wisdom by encouraging people to bite off more than they can chew and leap before you look, I actually think being the squeaky wheel can... read more

Tech on Deck Recap

Like many entrepreneurs, I thrive on accomplishing the impossible.  Perhaps you can relate. About one month ago, I had an idea to meet with my friend Robert Scoble (Futurist at Rackspace) during the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference.  I live about a mile from... read more

My Escape from the Law

Maybe you aren’t a lawyer like I was, but unless you are one of the lucky few people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up — and became it — your current job is probably not going to be what you do for the rest of your life. About a decade... read more

SkyMall is Refueling for Takeoff

I recently wrote an article about my plans to get SkyMall back into the air, and I’m pleased to say that we are in the “refueling” stage of our journey back to the skies! While there are a lot of steps, tons of work, and some potential turbulence ahead of us, the... read more

Why I HATE Knockoffs, but LOVE Competition

Let me make something clear: as an entrepreneur, I LOVE competition. It’s part of what drives me, and it’s literally what drives me when I’m racing a car on a track (one of my favorite hobbies). Competition ignites my passion for my own company.  Like most... read more

The Importance of People

Part One: Our “Bozo Explosion” and How We Recovered For the longest time when I was just starting out in business, I had a premise about people. I thought, ‘why do you need to wonder what makes people tick?’ It should be so simple. They take a job and get paid.... read more

“Raising Money is Not Making Money”

SCOTTEVEST continues to grow in the current economy. Right now, there are countless “entrepreneurs” trying to grow really big, really quickly, by “selling money” rather than building lasting value. It can feel like a get rich scheme rather than a solid business model,... read more

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